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Valentina Castellucci

Criminal lawyer, she specializes in the areas of corporate, bankruptcy and tax crimes, administrative illicit in connection with corporate liability  pursuant to Legislative Degree 231/2001. Her practice includes the drafting and the implementation of Compliance Models.

She focuses on defamation crimes trough the spread of news on social networks, blogs, on line and printed newspapers. She deals with criminal aspects related to purchase and authenticity of works of art and the defense of copyright, analyzing specific issues related to assets of historic and artistic interest.

She has a decade-long experience in the areas of gaming and betting regulation.

She provides out-of-court legal consulting and she represents in court Governmental Bodies and domestic companies which are active in the fields of media and communication, integrated waste collection, food & beverage, private security and money transport. She also assists multinational companies active in the areas of betting and gaming, sports betting, and gaming machines.

She is a member of the Compliance Committees of several large companies active in the sectors of private security, money transport and counting, by monitoring the fulfillment of anti-money laundering obligations in companies’ compliance policies.

Valentina graduated in law, summa cum laude, from the University of Palermo in 2000. She has a PhD in procedural criminal law in 2008 and worked as a professor  for the “G. Bellavista” Criminal Chamber in Palermo. She was admitted to the Italian Bar in 2003.

After working as trainee lawyer in a first ranking law firm specialized in criminal law, she started her university collaboration and, at the same time, she developed her practice as a professional in her areas of interest.