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Practice Areas


We advise on all aspects of corporate and commercial antitrust by collaborating with qualified antitrust specialists.

Banking and Finance

We regularly advise first tier financial institutions and corporates active in the banking and finance sector in relation to corporate and real estate finance (acquisition financing, merger – leverage financing, mezzanine financing, security packages, corporate financing).

We have broad experience of factoring, assignment of receivables, structured and project financing. We are very familiar with bancassurance transactions, having represented market-leading insurance companies and financial institutions.

Commercial Agreements

Our practice includes drafting and negotiating commercial agreements such as:
• sale and purchase agreements;
• supply, distribution, agency, license and franchising arrangements;
• joint ventures;
• management; and
• outsourcing,
for domestic and international clients.

We advise on all aspects of consumer protection law, including e-commerce.

Compliance, Corporate policies ex per D.Lgs. 231/2001, Privacy Law and Sustainability

We can:
• assist public and privately held entities to draft, implement and update compliance programs to conform with Italian and international regulations and practice;
• structure compliance models for Italian companies and multinationals operating in Italy;

• support compliance committees advising in relation to Decree 231/01;

• provide internal guidelines for training management and employees on corporate compliance;

• represent companies before courts, tribunals and regulatory bodies and, where appropriate, can involve our criminal law of counsel; and

• advise on a range of privacy and consumer law matters, to ensure company policies be fully compliant with Italian and European requirements.

We are well-versed in sustainability and can help our clients develop contractual mechanisms (in particular at supply chain level) to ensure the highest standards of sustainability.

Corporate and M&A

As well as providing general corporate legal advice, we specialise in M&A and can assist with all forms of extraordinary transactions at all stages of a client’s evolution from start-up and incorporation to strategic growth, reorganisation or restructuring by means of:
• acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs;
• capital increases or securities issuances;
• joint ventures; and
• shareholders’ agreements.

Intellectual Property

We have extensive experience in the negotiation of technology development agreements, software license agreements and a range of other intellectual property rights transactions (including copyright, trademarks, design rights, know-how, patents and domain names) for domestic and foreign clients operating in Italy. We help clients to maximise the value of their intangible assets and to manage and protect them, in Europe and internationally.

We have a specific expertise on copyright since we assist writers and artists in several fields of the creative and artistic environment.

Employment law

We assist our clients with employment law and industrial relations. Where appropriate for specific areas of employment law, we involve employment law experts.

Our experience includes:

  • employment agreements
  • benefits and incentive plans for employees and management;
  • advising Italian and international clients active in Italy.

Litigation and Arbitration

We represent our clients in corporate, commercial, contractual and financial disputes including before the Italian supreme courts, domestic and international tribunals and arbitration panels.

Whilst our practice is essentially transactional, we help our clients to develop strategies to minimise the risk of litigation and, in the event it materialises, to deploy the most efficient tools to achieve the original task.

Our partnerships with leading law firms abroad enable us to assist our clients before international and foreign courts and arbitration panels.

Real Estate (Commercial and residential)

We assist with:
• due diligence, negotiation and execution phases of structured real estate transactions;
• managing the settlement of technical and town planning aspects of real estate transactions;
• joint ventures;
• establishing real estate investment funds;
• the acquisition of real estate assets and portfolios; and
• ongoing management of real estate assets (including through property management agreements, commercial or residential lease agreements and construction contracts).

Strategic and corporate reorganisations and insolvency restructuring

We deal with solvent and insolvent corporate reorganisations and restructurings.

We combine corporate and banking law expertise with our experience in litigation and bankruptcy. We advise clients on the management of default situations, the restructuring of financial indebtedness, bankruptcy procedures, the acquisition of going concerns, assets and corporations from distressed entities and in connection with the acquisition of receivables.

We advised the extraordinary Commissioner of the leading Italian multinational food company in relation to a complex cross-border extraordinary administration under the law of insolvency of large corporation.


We assist our clients in assessing and structuring around the tax implications of any corporate or commercial transaction by collaborating with first tier tax specialists.