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Art and cultural heritage

We advise private museums, foundations, other institutions, authors and artists on matters relating to ownership, corporate governance, contractual arrangements, operations and activities, investments and  commercialisation.

We advise on any matter concerning copy rights and exploitation and protection of the relevant economic rights.


We have long-term relationships with manufacturers of industrial chemical products.

We are experienced in advising them on:

  • the development and protection of technology and formulas for production and distribution of products and applications;
  • various sectors, including textiles, cosmetics, detergents, performance, agriculture and construction;
  • procurement of raw materials;
  • domestic and international distribution;
  • product or know-how licensing;
  • registration of trademarks, patents and other IP;
  • REACH regulation filings and relevant issues; and
  • sustainability.


We assist first tier domestic and foreign clients on projects for the development, acquisition or sale of electrical, thermal and renewable energy assets including wind, solar biomass and biofuel.

Our experience includes:

  • drafting and negotiation of EPC, O&M and BOP agreements;
  • the acquisition of real estate interests and rights in rem; and
  • financing of projects.

Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure and Transport

We assist our clients on a wide range of industrial and energy projects both public and private.

Our expertise includes:

  • management of tenders;
  • drafting documentation (including back-to-back arrangements for EPC contractors);
  • financing and security packages; and
  • management of claims and, if necessary, litigation.

We assist first tier domestic and foreign operators in the engineering, construction and transport industries in Italy and abroad.

Food and beverage

We regularly advise multinational and domestic food and beverage businesses. Our expertise includes:

  • production, bottling and packaging;
  • supply and distribution (including any issue arising from sub-supply law in connection with complex distribution structures, from economic dependence); and
  • sponsorship and license agreements.


We advise our gaming industry clients on:

  • corporate governance;
  • business operations;
  • relationship with public administration and regulatory bodies;
  • agreements for the installation and operation of VLT, AWP and any other terminals in accordance with gaming laws;
  • other licensing and regulatory requirements; and
  • acquisition and supply of ICT services in the gaming field.

Leisure, Sport & Tourism

Our clients include tour operators, hoteliers and others active in the fields of sport, leisure and PR.

We provide a broad range of consultancy and assistance services including in respect of business structures, reorganisation, management agreements, transfers of going concerns and servicing agreements.


Our clients include internationally recognised fashion brands.

We advise our clients on all aspects of their corporate management and industrial activity with specific focus on:

  • corporate matters;
  • commercial contracts;
  • the organisation and smooth operation of the production chain;
  • strategic acquisitions and joint ventures; and
  • unfair competition and infringement of IP rights (including trademarks and copy rights).

We are experts on the legal aspects of sustainability including contractual tools for ensuring environmental, social and financial sustainability of the supply chain.

We are able to guide our clients in managing fragmented or highly specialised supply chains that might give rise to issues relating to sub-supply law (including abuse of economic dependence), intellectual property rights or in dealings with end-users and consumers (including practices, procedures and contractual protections for product liability).

Real Estate

We are able to assist in:

  • all legal and technical aspects of real estate transactions including structured real estate transactions and investments;
  • the acquisition of real estate portfolios including offices and commercial lease rolls;
  • domestic and international players in both the wholesale and retail industries;
  • new entrants to the Italian market looking to expand, including by the acquisition or opening of new shops and branches;
  • the hotel industry, including multinational hotel chains from initial investment phase to day-to-day management of the business; and
  • the acquisition and development of residential real estate complexes (including town planning, contractual issues and litigation).


We advise Italian and foreign telecommunications clients with respect to:

  • acquisitions and joint ventures;
  • outsourcing agreements and other arrangements with private operators and public entities;
  • general corporate and commercial advice;
  • real estate and infrastructure (including key rights of use or rights in rem); and
  • potential related litigation.